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Become Jat People Moderator (Apply within)

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Become Jat People Moderator (Apply within)

Postby JatAdmin 18 Oct 2016, 00:45

Hi all,

Welcome to JatPeople.com

The Jat People community is looking for 5 moderators, for all sub-forums:

What we are looking for:
- Active users who are friendly and dedicated to the community.
- Post quality content in the forums.
- Support and solve problems of forum members.
- Stay fair with every member and no misuse of the powers.
- Promote Jatpeople.com with new users.
- Take initiative to improve the community and provide suggestions.

Perks of Jat People Moderator:
- Part of Jatpeople staff and team.
- Known by every member on Jatpeople sites.
- Access to hidden Jat People Staff forum.
- Various powers to regulate forums.

How to apply?
Apply to a post within this topic with below details:
- Name/Age/Location
- Profession
- Sub-forum interested in posting.

Thank you,
Jat People Team

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